Who We Are

There are numerous issues that combine to influence a construction project.  Site conditions, design parameters, cost constraints and many other factors must be evaluated prior to the start of construction.  At Jackson Construction, we believe in a team approach to address these planning issues.  Partnering with our Customer, our associate Design Professionals, and Qualified Subcontractors, we actively manage the pre-construction phase. As construction begins Company Owner Scott Jackson’s hands-on experience as a field superintendent and project manager for a large contractor specializing in deep foundation and marine construction, assures that the critical foundation and site work phases of the project get off to an efficient start.  As the project progresses through the phases of structural framing to interior finishes, our commitment to quality work done within the budget continues to add value to the project.  While a construction project can be complex, our construction knowledge, experience and team approach combine to assure a successful outcome.